What is CloudBrowser?

CloudBrowser is a way of rethinking how we write HTML-based Rich Internet Applications, also referred to as AJAX applications. Put simply, the key idea behind CloudBrowser is to keep the entire application, including its data model, (DOM Level 2/3 and JavaScript-based) controller logic, and (HTML-based) view server-side, and use the client-side browser as a (dumb) display device, or thin client, similar to how an X Server displays a remote X client's graphical user. CloudBrowser instances live on a server, and client browsers can connect and disconnect at will, and it is also possible for multiple users to connect to the same instance, which yields a natural co-browsing ability.

With CloudBrowser, we are asking what the effect of this design choice on application development would be. We see a number of key benefits:

CloudBrowser is implemented in CoffeeScript/JavaScript using the Nodejs infrastructure and the many libraries existing for it. As a result, the application developer finds a familiar environment, both in terms of language as well as with respect to event-based execution semantics.



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